Lipstick Color Sensational Maybelline (4,2 g)

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400-berry go 4,2 gr
366-sunset spark 4,2 gr
344-coral rise 4,2 gr
333-hot chase 4,2 gr
322-wine rush 4,2 gr
266-pink thrill 4,2 gr
233-pink pose 4,2 gr
222-flush punch 4,2 gr
211-rosey risk 4,2 gr
200-rose embrace 4,2 gr
144-naked care 4,2 gr
133-almond hustle 4,2 gr
111 double shot 4,2 gr
122-brick beat 4,2 gr

Lipstick Color Sensational Maybelline (4,2 g) is what you need to maximise your appeal! Try the quality of 100% original Maybelline products and let the best professionals enhance your beauty.

  • Gender: Lady
  • Capacity: 4,2 g

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